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Apr 25, 2024

Welcome folk and thank you for joining us today in this gripping episode of Dropping Bombs💣

I'm your host Brad Lea and today I am joined once again by the multifaceted Paul Hutchinson, marking his third appearance on the show! Known for his exceptional journey from a successful entrepreneur to a philanthropist and a staunch activist against child trafficking, Paul shares an in-depth look at his life's work and legacy. The discussion navigates through the complexities of entrepreneurship, the dark world of trafficking, and the transformation power of belief and mindset. This is one episode I know you will be happy you tuned in for.


What You'll Learn: What role you can play in the fight against trafficking.


Paul's Journey

The Underworld of Trafficking

Entrepreneurship and Mindset

A Call to Action


Resources Mentioned: 

Child Liberation Foundation: 

Liberating Humanity:  

Pre-order Paul Hutchinson's upcoming book for more insights into his journey and the fight against trafficking.

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