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Dec 31, 2020

Is your mindset, map, motions, measurement, and money all a straight and arrow or do you need to check those gauges?! Brad breaks it down in this episode of Dropping Bombs with no guest. If we analyze everything on the micro it will help us figure out everything on the macro. 

 If you get the first four M’s correct; mindset, map, motions, and measurement, you will NOT have money problems. Getting better isn’t something you did, it’s something you do and you do it every day. Your mindset equals your beliefs. Your map equals where you are going. Your motions are your habits, actions, choices, and decisions. Your measurement equals how you are measuring things and if you are AT ALL. Lastly, your money equals what you are getting in return for the value you are sharing and how much money your money is making you.

Take a look at your M-Gauges/Life-Gauges and make 2021’s resolution count.