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Dec 15, 2022

Fueled by Monster Energy, and his tireless efforts, Brian is busy filming, and releasing videos daily on the massively influential YouTube page, “The Deegans.” He consistently cranks out entertaining social media content that is fresh and engaging. It’s not easy to eclipse winning X-games gold, and multiple championships, but the job he has done guiding his three children towards their dreams is some of his greatest work. Not only has he been a great coach, and inspiration to many, but all while staying in peak riding condition, racing off road trucks, filming his podcast, and doing personal appearances for his sponsors. His enduring popularity with fans of riding and racing attracts top-level sponsors to his programs like Ford and Can-Am. Brian continues to outwork everyone, which is why he is one of the most liked and respected ambassadors in our industry and draws huge crowds wherever he goes. Brian Deegan - Turned pro at age 17, won his first Supercross race a year later by ghost-riding his bike across the finish line... shortly thereafter, Brian created the Metal Mulisha lifestyle clothing line, helped develop a new sport (founding father of Freestyle Motocross / FMX) and the rest is history!


In this episode, Brad and Brian, an extreme action sports professional, talk about his extreme life, both in the business and at home. Deegan explains his learning curve within the industry and how he put what he learned to use with his own family.

00:00 Intro: Deegan explains where his love for extreme sports began and how his career blossomed

04:13 Deegan explains his monster relationship with Hanson’s energy

07:53 The metal mulisha: Deegan creates his own brand

10:05 X-games: How to get good and be bad

13:01 Extreme parenting

16:05 Deegans near-death experience: How it changed his life

20:16 The Deegan Brand: a family affair

21:57 Bomb dropped: The key to being a great parent, BE THERE.

25:00 Brian’s son Hayden’s motocross career & how he guided him toward success

28:20 Brad's adrenaline thrill 

32:19 Youtube opportunities: How to monetize

36:20 Brian explains his family’s “TV Show” and the village it takes to make it happen

40:51 The real social media influence: How to beat the system