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Aug 25, 2022

The Professor has been teaching economics for 9 years. He has 2 degrees in economics and history education. He simplifies the complicated world of stock & crypto trading and breaks it down. His style of trading stresses the importance of risk management and putting learning before making money. The Professor wants his students to become independent traders, who don't rely on anyone but themselves to be consistent in trading. Professor Malik also offers a free trading course, is an author and has directed a reality TV show called The Life of a Trader.


In this episode, the Day Trader Professor teaches us how to make money trading stocks. 


00:00 Intro

03:20 The problem with the daytrading community

05:52 Options

06:30 for his courses and books

09:20 The first step

10:53 Bomb: School System

13:00 Go to website and and type in Bombsquad for free book from Professor Malik

17:00 The rules of the “game”

24:30 Time frames

29:00 Bitcoin

36:58 Kucoin for shorting

45:00 Events coming up

52:00 What you learn

01:00:00 Using the right platform

01:04:00 When your mindset is shot, listen to this