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Dec 16, 2021

The Derek Moneyberg brand was launched in 2019 and Derek has quickly risen to be one of the world’s leading wealth coaches, helping clients to launch or accelerate their businesses and invest their capital for beyond-professional returns in global securities and real estate. Derek has coached a broad range of clients all across the world from renowned artists to professional athletes to royalty. 


In this episode, Derek and Brad dive into Derek’s story and how he got his start along with the wealth tactics he teaches his highly acclaimed clients.


00:00 Intro

02:16 Derek’s story

05:00 College thoughts

07:50 Opportunity in the market

09:00 Fundamentals of stocks: “I don’t buy anything I don’t understand.”- Derek Moneyberg

10:30 “Start where you’re at.” - Derek Moneyberg

12:25 Follow Derek @derekmoneyberg or

15:35 Derek Moneyberg’s market course

19:00 What to do in the stock market

24:09 Is it an insiders game?

28:00 Movie theaters

29:44 “If a million dollar gain or loss gets you too excited, it means you don’t have enough money yet and you better keep working.” - Derek Moneyberg

35:00 Real Estate

38:40 Bitcoin and Crypto

40:32 The US Govt.

42:25 Protesting

49:30 “We the people”

55:00 Currencies

57:47 “The best time to learn something is in the past, and the second-best time is right now.” - Derek Moneyberg

58:00 “A person who is not learning things every day is at an extraordinary disadvantage to someone who has made a lifestyle doing that.” - Derek Moneyberg

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