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Jul 21, 2023

Devin was in the mortgage industry from 2005-2019. Devin left his corporate job at Quicken Loans in October 2019. From there he became a full-time real estate investor. Through March of 2020 Devin did 8 real estate deals with zero marketing dollars. Then when covid hit he heard a podcast with Chris Naugle talking about becoming the bank by using infinite banking and Devin became obsessed with learning how. Devin started to use the concept that Chris was teaching back in May of 2020 and used it with all of his real estate deals to multiply money. He then got on tiktok in December of 2020 and started sharing what he has learned. Within one month he had about 150k followers asking Devin how they can start using infinite banking. Devin teamed up with Chris Naugle in March of 2021. Since then has grown to over 1 million followers across tiktok and Instagram. Devin used his following and influence to teach people the truths about money and how they too can become their own bank. 


In this episode, Brad and Devin discuss Devin’s past within the real estate and mortgage industries and his change of career path when he decided to help others finance their own lives though life insurance policies. They also discuss the most important steps for finance.


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