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Feb 18, 2021

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Ed Mylett is one of the top business leaders, peak performance experts, and global keynote speakers in the world today. While many leaders and speakers just “talk the talk,” Ed is a team-made millionaire who has built one of the most prolific financial service businesses the world has ever seen. 

In this episode, Brad and Ed get really deep into what it takes to be intentional and own your space. This entire episode is a BOMB and we expect nothing less from Ed Mylett. Ed is a true leader, a true friend, and most of all so much brilliant knowledge. Get ready to #MAXOUT on YOUR LIFE after listening to this bad boy.

00:00 Intro

03:00 Time is limited 

03:43 First Bomb: #MaxoutYourLife

04:54 Second Bomb: Your past doesn’t equal your future

06:10 Third Bomb: “People say that life is short but if you’re not happy, life is long.” -Ed Mylett

07:15 Shout-out to Clubhouse

09:08 Delegation 

09:42 Fourth Bomb: Focus on ONE thing and get REALLY good at it, and do not SPLIT your focus. After you crush it, THEN you diversify

11:00 Shout-out to Richard Kabeza

12:59 Fifth Bomb: Be in proximity to people who stretch them

16:59 Sixth Bomb: Save money and resist temptation

20:00 Follow Ed Mylett everywhere @edmylett and get his book

23:35 Success leaves clues but no one is picking them up…here’s what Ed thinks about that!

28:00 Giddy for Ed’s jet

32:45 What are your skills and do what you’re good at

34:19 The top books from Ed Mylett

35:52 Follow @therealbradlea - it’s gooooood

36:40 Seventh Bomb: Speak to yourself with more reverence

37:10 Ego vs. Capacity

37:41 Eighth Bomb: Are you confident about what you are ACTUALLY capable of?

40:47 How to line it up

40:59 Ninth Bomb: Line up what you are doing now with what you actualize

41:52 Tenth Bomb: Do what you say you’re going to do. Train your brain to WIN and when you have BIG wins, you have prepared yourself for them to be easier

45:00 The difference between your current and old story

49:42 Give yourself credit and be conscious of language 

54:00 What you should have said...

55:06 Let it breathe

59:05 Ed’s interpretation of Scripture

01:01:29 Twelfth Bomb: People with similar frequencies vibe well

01:06:00 “My intentions are good”

01:08:39 “Brush your teeth”

01:10:00 Self-Awareness