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Apr 11, 2024

In today’s episode, I’m joined by guest Amber Ybarra, an inspirational entrepreneur and thought leader who is here today to share her insights on overcoming obstacles, embracing change, and the significance of taking imperfect action. Known for her resilience and ability to transform challenges into opportunities, Amber's journey from a former Elite model to ROLE model is nothing short of inspirational. Learn how she leveraged her experiences in modeling and entrepreneurship to drive positive change in her life and the lives of others. Amber speaks out about the importance surrounding yourself with the right people and how mentorship played a crucial role in her success.

What You'll Learn: The power of imperfect action


The Importance of Proximity and Mentorship

Embracing Imperfect Action

Impact and Fulfillment

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Resources Mentioned: Amber’s book 


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