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Jun 26, 2023

Eric started his first business in 2010 in a small bedroom in Chicago, IL and scaled it to gross $30MM at its peak with over 150 employees all under one roof. He almost sold this business back in 2018. Unfortunately, some lawsuits ended up ruining the deal. In 2021 Eric disrupted the wholesaling space, entering as a rookie, yet grossing over 2.6 million dollars in business in year one, at a 60% profit margin. Today, Eric helped people build the life they dream of, through sales training and mentorship.  The journey here hasn’t been easy. Eric battled a crippling addiction to drugs and alcohol for over 12 years, went through a major lawsuit that turned one of his businesses and my personal life upside down leaving me feeling lost, and entered industries he knew no one or nothing about.  But Eric is a firm believer that where you are today, does not have to determine where you are tomorrow. Eric believes in the underdog because he once was the underdog. Second, third, and fourth chances are real and if you’re the hardest worker in the room & utilize a bullet proof sales process for your team, you can build the life you have always dreamed of.  


In this episode, Brad and Eric discuss Eric’s former business, his lawsuit, and his new adventure helping others close their own deals and create their own success. 


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