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Jul 25, 2022

Gary Brecka is the co-founder and chief human biologist of 10X health systems. As Chief Human Biologist for 10X Health, Gary guides the company’s Global Wellness vision and direction. He has over 20 years of experience in “Bio-Hacking” and “Functional Medicine”—his passion lies in customizing peak performance protocols for individuals to achieve optimal health. He’s an expert on serum blood and genetic biomarkers. He also sits on the Board of NFL Alumni Association as a Health Services Director and is known as the “Celebrity Bio-Hacker.”


In this episode, Brad and Gary discuss how 10X Health Systems can save your life. Tune in to learn what it can do for you.


00:00 Intro

00:44 Go to @GaryBrecka on Instagram and inquire about the tests!

06:00 D-3

08:00 Blood work dialed in

09:43 What all cancer has in common

11:23 Bomb: Brad's oxygen level

12:00 What a blood dump means

14:00 Walking on the earth

19:12 will educate you on the process

24:34 The refining process in the human body

28:57 “In our mind we don’t only create thought, but we dismantle thought.” - Gary Brecka

32:49 DM Gary @GaryBrecka and ask about Gene testing and blood work

35:00 Depression