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Feb 19, 2024

Glenn Devitt is a veteran with 11 years Enlisted experience in the United States Army. In 2016, Glenn started his own company, Delitor Inc that would go on to train and advise classified agencies around the world on how target nefarious individuals through innovative ways to exploit data. In 2017, after fighting child crimes digitally, Glenn knew that he wanted to take the fight to the ones harming children around the world and founded the Sentinel Foundation.


For Matt, this hits close to home with his sister being a victim of Child Trafficking. Matt’s goal is to provide law enforcement officers in the US the best training, technology and resources to succeed in the fight to save children from trafficking and exploitation. He believes that they will make a difference with every child safe until the end.


The Sentinel Foundation was founded with one goal in mind – to end underage children being exploited around the world. Donate and learn more now at 



  • Be Parents again.


Follow Glenn and the foundation @Glenn.Devitt or @sentinelfoundation 

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