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Feb 20, 2023

Nationally Acclaimed Entrepreneur, Founder of SolarCon and The Solar Academy- #1 in Solar Training for Businesses and Sales Professionals Across the Country, Built and Sold Businesses. The Solar Academy has successfully educated hundreds across the country on refined practices in sales and entrepreneurship including Inc. 500 companies and award-winning national organizations. Best known for the ability to create solar programs for organizations resulting in millions in revenue, The Solar Academy is still recognized as the top source in its industry for Sales Professionals to receive an uncontested education providing a strong emphasis on all sales practices, technical knowledge, and growth within their industry. The pride of The Solar Academy derives from its experience in assisting national and global corporations to refine their operational processes and systems to compliment the transition of assets between sale and fulfillment.

Jake Hess & Tyler McAllister are co-founders of SolarCon, a conference specializing in solar energy, selling it, and educating about the topic. In this episode, Brad, Jake, and Tyler discuss why the solar energy industry is booming and their opinions on alternate methods.

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