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Jun 16, 2022

Jason is passionate about coaching entrepreneurs who want to work less & make more. Through coaching and his exclusive mastermind, The Exiter Club, he works with entrepreneurs to develop systems & processes to scale so they can live what he calls "The Exit Lifestyle", having complete control over their time and choices on a daily basis as opposed to being in the weeds of business operations every day. His mission is to help entrepreneurs be successful and enjoy their businesses–including the financial profits & tax benefits–without the need to be the owner-operator. He calls it "Exit Without Exiting". 


In this episode, Jason and Brad discuss what businesses need and how to create the systems and processes correctly to exit it well.

00:00 Intro

01:24 Embrace delegation

03:24 Business principles

07:05 Entrepreneurship

08:50 Bomb: “Most people want it but they are not willing to go through the pain to get there.” - Jason Duncan

13:08 The result entrepreneurs want

17:22 Bomb: “Selfishness is the root of everything that goes wrong in the world.” - Jason Duncan

24:15 Listening

32:00 Time and money

33:15 Bomb: “If you choose money over relationships, soon you’ll have neither.” - Brad Lea

39:15 “Burn the ships”

42:04 Eliminate Stress, Systems and Processes, Invest in People

45:40 Luck

48:45 Bomb: “If they are not a cultural fit, they are not going to make it.” - Jason Duncan

52:01 Bomb: The Exit Lifestyle with Jason Duncan

52:15 Go to https://www.jasonduncan/bombs