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Jun 23, 2023

The precious metals space is fairly small, so Jeremy didn't envision himself being able to find a job in it. He did meet Larry Hilton at an event at the Capitol in Salt Lake City while interning with the Libertas Institute.  He had a small side business serving the United Precious Metals Association with gold and silver accounts.  About a year later he wrote a blog about his business that ended up being read by over a quarter million people on  The article resulted in an explosion of interest in the United Precious Metals Association (UPMA) and he used that as leverage to successfully get a job with Larry.  As the first full-time employee he was able to help grow UPMA from being an organization with 400 members to one with 25,000The Goldback project to him feels like a possible answer to Mike Maloney's problem that he presents in his series.  Now most of his attention is focused on the Goldback as the CEO.


In this episode, Brad and Jeremy share their opinions about the economy, the worth of the US dollar, and ways to protect your wealth. 



  • Gold backs ARE gold.


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