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Jun 20, 2022

Two amazingly talented salesmen on the mic at Dropping Bombs. Sales is one of the most important skill sets as an entrepreneur or sales professional working for one. Jeremy has 7th level sales and Sam has D2D Con– both amazing insights in selling. Listen in to these three talented guys and learn a few things along the way. Sales is the heartbeat of your business, take notes and learn from these guys who know exactly how to to make you more money and level up your business.


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00:00 Intro

02:43 Sales according to Sam Taggart

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07:00 Doorknocking

09:16 What the prospect is picking up according to Jeremy Miner

11:46 What you will be taught in two days

14:26 Problem with the prospect and the root cause

18:41 “For anyone who wants to go deep in training, this event is for you.” - Sam Taggart

23:20 Who this event is for and what to expect

28:51 Training effectively

30:30 Check out the VIP option


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