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Jun 30, 2023

Keaton grew up in Utah and is a very devoted Son, Father to 4 amazing girls and Husband. In his mid-30’s he has had multiple businesses, is currently on the television show Diesel Brothers on discovery channel, is a personal trainer, owns a nutrition company, owns a new business that tests your blood and help you find supplements and other things that will help your health and fitness growth, and work on cars when he gets the opportunity. As hard as he works, and is constantly growing, he plays and devotes just as much energy into playing with his kids and taking trips or going on dates with his beautiful and equally awesome wife. This man is overjoyed at the prospect of helping others achieve their fitness objectives and life goals.

Keaton now is involved with the discovery channel on the show "The Diesel Brothers" but his true passion still is found daily in the gym. 

In this episode, Brad and Keaton discuss their pass-times and business strategies as well as how to blow up your business.


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