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May 29, 2023

Krista Mashore has been in the top 1 % of realtors nationwide for 20 years, selling over 2,300 homes. She is also in the top 1% of coaches nationwide. Krista is the author of four best-selling books focusing on digital marketing and was named Yahoo Finance’s number 1 digital marketer to watch in 2021! She can also be found among the top 125 most impactful leaders in 2022 alongside Tony Robbins according to Success Magazine. She has been featured in Forbes, Inman News, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Fox, and many more!  Krista recently went from zero to 41 million dollars in five years.  She is the recipient of 11 Two Comma-Club Awards, one Two Comma Club X Award, and one Two Comma Club C Award. Krista has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. Always being a teacher at heart, she loves serving people and has turned her attention to sharing the secrets of her successes by coaching agents and professionals across the nation. Through her coaching, teaching, speaking and training, Krista is revolutionizing the way agents and professionals’ market themselves online. She offers an innovative step-by-step approach on how agents and entrepreneurs can gain a massive digital footprint.


In this episode, Brad and Krista discuss how she helps people create offers for their products or services and push out to their desired markets.



  • We make things more difficult for ourselves because we’re conditioned to think life is hard at a young age which can be emotionally abusive.

  • If anybody can do it, you can do it.

  • Never give the Caymus.

  • You can make millions without even being present.

  • If she can help you, she will. If she doesn’t help you, she doesn’t get paid.


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