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Jul 24, 2018

How to build the best possible teams and then, how to help those teams beat out the neighborhood competition? Those are the two questions Kress Johnson, Co-Founder of Evolve Pest Control, faces every time he and his crew of salespeople pound pavement.

Kress is convinced his pest control service is the best on the block. Not just because of Evolve’s operational standards, but because of the staff that defines their brand.

“We want to build the best team possible,” he says. “Whether they stay with us or use Evolve as a stepping stone, they can come here, have a positive experience, make money, and become better people.”

Despite Evolve Pest Control sounding like an entry-level sales person’s paradise, their turnover is hovering somewhere between sixty to seventy-percent. Kress is convinced he can find a way to help his new hires develop the same passion and work ethic he has. But, Brad suspects the issue might be something else entirely.

So, what’s the problem? Join us on the ninety-first episode of Dropping Bombs to find out!