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Sep 29, 2022

Los Silva has been building brands online for over a decade. He's most known for building and selling brands using influencer marketing. He's done this 3x and has worked with some of the top influencers and celebrities in America. He's also an investor and advisor to multiple ecommerce and personal brands in the industry helping them with backend offers , raise LTV and connect with big box brands. Currently, he’s focused on building PowerHouse brands with his partner Josh Elizetxe. One of his most recent companies went from $30k a month to over $4M a month DURING covid.


In this episode, you will learn from Los why creating content and building a brand is the most important thing to do right now.


00:00 Intro

02:31 Bomb: Your brand matters more than anything else in your life

04:00 Where Los started

06:55 The lightbulb for Los to do all the work

09:11 E-comm options and Powerhouse creators

12:13 Build the relationships with people where you can sell their ads and think through the potential

14:50 Listen to the right people

16:54 Tik Tok

19:10 Working with the greats

22:00 Shout out to Kevin Nations

22:39 “When people pay, they pay attention.” - Los Silva

23:54 Data

26:35 Two things to do right now

31:00 Daily Routine

31:46 Recommendations to learn marketing