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Dec 30, 2021

MJ Vogel’s life journey trademark is persistence, resilience, and courage. From sleeping on a mice-infested kitchen floor as a child, to later surviving – and thriving – through 12 excruciating surgeries, she has learned the true meaning of courage, facing your challenges head-on, and the keys to developing a powerful mindset built around the principles of mastering the habits of success. She masterfully moves her clients and mastermind groups through her powerful, life-changing programs, techniques, and trainings.


In this episode, Brad and MJ discuss her story and how she got where she is today in the personal development field.


00:00 Intro

01:42 MJ’s story

03:21 Handling adversity

05:09 Listen to MJ’s podcast and go get her book!

11:20 “If I could do anything in the world it would be motivational speaking.”- MJ Vogel

15:00 Closure with family and adapting to change

16:30 Neurological disorders

18:28 “I’m going to be someone great.” - MJ Vogel

21:03 “I want to be the female Tony Robbins.” - MJ Vogel

24:30 Constructive criticism

28:35 Vision boards

30:37 True affirmations

33:48 Go get MJ’s book on amazon!