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Sep 29, 2023

Get to know Matt Chick, an inspiring entrepreneur who overcame challenges to achieve remarkable success. He started from a tough place but turned his life around and became a role model for resilience. Matt ran four dealerships that made millions of dollars each year. In 2017, he switched to real estate and formed his own team in 2018. His team quickly became one of the fastest-growing in Arizona from 2019. In the last four years, Matt has sold over 1,000 homes and flipped more than 100 houses, showing his skill in real estate investing. He's not only in the housing business but also owns a VA staffing company, a nail salon, and a real estate investing company that now invest across the nation.  Matt's journey proves that with determination and embracing change, anything is possible.


In this episode, Brad and Matt discuss the world of real estate and how to be multi-dimensional at the craft.


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