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Oct 28, 2021

Known for his preceding reputation as both a fitness junkie and prolific foodie, personality-entrepreneur Michael Chernow devised a clever way to combine his passions into one fearlessly optimistic brand. Enter: Kreatures of Habit. Chernow’s foray into consumer products has been a natural next step in his culinary evolution. After co-founding beloved NYC hotspots like The Meatball Shop and Seamore’s, the serial creative looked to his personal life when developing his latest venture. Chernow’s Kreatures of Habit offers a positive platform of fitness, nutrition, and wellness resources through Habitual Rituals, alongside The PrOATagonist. The plant-based, gluten-free, superfood-laced oatmeal is Chernow’s antidote to forging that first positive ritual into your everyday life.

In this episode, Brad and Michael discuss what the importance is of taking care of yourself to take care of others, what it means to really be a creature or KREATURE of habit, and tactical life steps as well!

00:00 Intro

00:15 Follow Michael Chernow!

02:00 “We are our habits and habits are decisions.” - Michael Chernow

04:30 The entrepreneurial bug

07:30 The New York accent

09:39 The call to change his life

13:26 Bomb 1: Stick to the stack of wins every day.

14:00 Michael’s morning routine

17:30 Your relationship with food

18:21 What is Proatagonist?

23:40 Carbs

27:34 How Proatagonist was created

28:44 “If you have an opportunity as an entrepreneur to mitigate some risk, and take some equity off the table when you’re in a really good place, take the opportunity.” - Michael Chernow

32:09 “Every bit of success I have today is because Protagonist is at the cornerstone of my life.” - Michael Chernow

35:50 Go to to check out everything that Michael’s company has

37:50 Brad’s routine

39:50 The lifestyle brand attached

41:37 Bomb 3: Once you start taking care of yourself, the sky's the limit to what you can do.

48:00 Stem cells

50:45 Water

53:20 Lessons Michael has learned from restaurant industry

55:47 Bomb 4: The way your guest is treated in your restaurant is the way you will succeed

58:30 Treat your people like diamonds

01:02:15 Hire on a smile

01:02:46 Bomb 5: People want to hear their own name

01:06:28 Follow Michael at @michaelchernow     

01:08:12 Buy The Meatball cookbook online written by Michael Chernow

01:11:10 Bomb 6: The second you spend worrying about what other people are doing is the second you spend not worrying about what you’re doing.