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Jul 18, 2022

From Body-building to double comma club with click-funnels, Michael Walding can do it all. A mentee of the late Bob Proctor and co-founder of Quantum Capital. At Quantum Capital, Michael and his team invest in value-add multifamily assets in central, growing neighborhoods of major cities, near jobs, transit, and amenities. This business is a never before seen hedge fund focused on not only cryptocurrency investing but educating people on the crypto space.

In this episode, Michael and Brad discuss the power of awareness, manifestation, cryptocurrency, and much more!

00:00 Intro

02:40 Manifestation//Bob Proctor

06:50 Self-confidence

10:00 Bomb: Your imagination is God, the things that you can see in your mind, that is God seeing it with you.

11:00 Quantum Capital

13:50 What happens with crypto

16:26 Books

20:01 Check out Michael @whereiswalding or go to and book a call with them

25:10 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

26:10 Bomb: “Nothing is going to change until you do.” - Michael Walding

33:00 Habits

39:30 Gratitude

44:00 The desire to have focus