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Oct 21, 2021

Peter Voogd’s entrepreneurial career started at an early age when he had the passion and vision to start his first business when he was only a mere 15-years old. However, Peter found himself broke, stressed, and discouraged by the age of 22. Less than six months later, after making drastic changes to his mindset, lifestyle, and business strategies, he made his first 6-figure income at the age of 23. Only a short 4 years later, Peter saw his earnings skyrocket past the 7-figure income level.


In this episode, Brad and Peter discuss how to crush your goals FASTER. They also discuss the tactical steps in Peter’s new book. Listen up.


00:00 Intro

01:47 “Understand who you are and who you’re not and get around the right people.” - Peter Voogd

04:05 “The number one thing people value when they are successful is time.” - Peter Voogd

07:20 Peter’s story

11:22 How to create clarity, confidence, and influence

15:00 Shout-out to Gary Vee

19:11 When you're told “You have to get a normal job…”

22:27 “If you work 1000 hours a week with no freedom, you haven’t created a great life.” - Peter Voogd

24:22 Go to

25:03 “If you value security over freedom, you’ll never have freedom.” - Peter Voogd

26:01 34M people quit their jobs last month

27:55 Peter’s academy

30:07 “Nothing works unless you do.”

33:24 Bomb 1: Brad’s killsets

38:05 “Excuses or results, you can’t have both.” - Peter Voogd

44:03 “I don’t need to work, but I love to work.” - Peter Voogd

47:40 Peter’s day

49:52 Get Peter’s book and check out his website

51:32 Bomb 2: Be polarizing and share what you really feel

55:40 What doesn’t make sense in the society