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Feb 26, 2024

Richard Feola is the owner and founder of Solar Exclusive which is the largest independent marketing agency in the residential solar industry.  Solar Exclusive has generated over 3 million leads and set 1 million appointments for solar professionals which has generated billions of solar sales. Richard is also a coach for agency owners and ‘done-for-you’ businesses on how to restructure their company with his patented methodology for scaling to $1M per month or more in revenue. That system has been praised by Russell Brunson, co-founder of Clickfunnels, and he has students like Alex Hormozi and Cole Gordon in the program. Richard unveils the strategies he used to go from $71k/mo. to $4.2M per month in his agency (Solar Exclusive) in 18 months.  This type of explosive growth is not often achieved in ad agencies like Richard’s, so this coaching program is helping agency owners and other service-based businesses scale up.


In this episode, Brad and Rich discuss many things about business and scaling your business to $1 Million or MORE a month. They also discuss faith and how faith and business goes hand-in-hand.



  • “Freely you should receive, freely give.”


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