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Jun 21, 2023

I am Navy SEAL combat veteran turned entrepreneur and family man. I spent 10 years in the Navy as a SEAL, then 9 years as a contractor working for the 3 letter agencies. I was in the war from 2001 through 2012, in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa. I became an entrepreneur through chance, I basically fell into a couple of high-risk security contracts. I ran a security company for about 6 years.  In 2021 I pivoted to coffee, 2022 was the first year of Warpath Coffee, it is cranking we sold over 40,000 bags last year, this year we plan on doubling that number and starting our first coffee shop.


In this episode, Brad and Tej discuss his experience within the Navy and his new found passion for his new business, Warpath Coffee.


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