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Oct 14, 2021

If you type in Tori Kruse in Google, you will find a sparkling crown and sash from her days as Miss Missouri USA 2018. As former Miss Missouri USA, Tori learned to perform the external life everyone expected. What she did not expect was the internal journey of discovering the unexpected. She set out to win a title, but her greatest achievement was uncovering, unlocking, and unleashing her authentic self. 


In this episode, Brad and Tori discuss the importance of focusing on the RIGHT things to win and how you are the only person who can change for yourself. 


00:00 Intro

02:00 Brad’s Driven speech

03:20 How pageantry is a journey

04:31 Bomb 1: “I was losing because I wasn’t focused on the daily affirmations and gratitude.” - Tori Kruse

06:52 Bomb 2: “How can you love the hell out of someone else but hate yourself?” - Tori Kruse

10:23 Bomb 3: “I am not in the game to change anyone, people need to change for themselves.”- Tori Kruse

15:25 “I don’t hold onto resentment, because that would only hurt me.” - Tori Kruse

22:15 The unexpected coaching program

26:24 Sometimes helping a dude is a helping a woman-- Brad Lea

28:55 “Breakthroughs are on the other side of change.” - Tori Kruse

30:32 The power of NO

32:41 What happens in pageant life

39:00 College

42:36 Top three things to get out relationship

43:04 Top three books

44:00 Uncover, unlock and unleash for entrepreneurs

47:50 Redirection

58:15 “Get through the situation and breakthrough.” - Tori Kruse

01:08:24 Krusifiction

01:10:16 Share out this episode, follow tori @misstorikruse and check out her website at