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Jul 13, 2018

At Dropping Bombs, we’re big on the idea of MORE. Doing more, making more, giving more, achieving more. Listen long enough, and you’re sure to hear Brad tell you his secret sauce how: Work your ass off doing double, or get twice as good at what you’re doing now.

“Let’s say you’re doing door-to-door sales,” says Brad. “There are two ways you can earn more: Knock on twice as many doors. Or, improve your sales pitch you hear two-times as many yeses.”

Gady Medrano, a Las Vegas realtor who’s skyrocketed to fame with the international-hit show Flipping Vegas, had something to add to Brad’s more-equals-more wisdom:

“For me, it’s important to do make sure my effort is effective. Don’t try to improve what you suck at. People get too down on themselves when they do something wrong. But you’re always going to screw up.”

Instead, take inventory, suggests Gady. “What are you good at? Figure that out, then give it all you’ve got. If it feels like a challenge, you might be doing the right thing.”