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Aug 18, 2022

Victor Rancour is a 33yr old entrepreneur that started his first business four years ago and has since scaled that business to over $40 million in revenue in that time, along the way Victor has invested and started 13 other Multi-million dollar organizations. One of Victor’s main focuses now is giving back to the home service industry through his very ownsales training app, business coaching seminars, and huge industry events that bring the best and brightest people together to help lift the industry up.


In this episode, Brad and Victor discuss the true entrepreneurial journey of how Victor went from an employee to a business owner and now seeing over $40M in revenue.


00:00 Intro

01:29 Service Rocket Growth Summit in Vegas October 20-22nd to get tickets

05:00 Bomb: Marketing yourself and your brand well

09:37 Hiring in these places!

11:30 Go to to sign up

16:17 A strict rule from Victor…

25:00 Starting in the AC business

36:00 AC in Vegas

38:30 Acquiring Heating and Air company’s

44:27 Follow Victor @victor_rancour                                        

45:58 Use the code BombSquad at