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Apr 28, 2022

Wes is a fitness/motivational coach who has the gift of captivating his audience through stories and hard truths of personal transformation. Wes spent over 10 years in the California prison system as a shot caller. He has been free for 3 years and has thousands of clients and averages monthly revenue of 300k+/month.  In the world today people continue to look for happiness in the same place they lost it (Vices). It’s a universal rule that by way of pain one arrives at pleasure. Wes built his company to share what he has learned on his journey to becoming the best individual he can be in every area. It’s Wes’ mission to help you succeed and master the areas of life you’re aiming to build up.


In this episode, Brad and Wes discuss how to create a life that you love by getting all your non-negotiables right! Listen in for some inspiration.


00:00 Intro

00:16 Go to to check out Wes and what he does!

01:41 Prison

07:10 The Dad Bod

07:50 Why people should ask HOW YOU FEEL

12:00 How we feed our kids

14:00 Drinking

16:30 Wes’ book available on Amazon: Non- Negotiable

17:25 What you need to succeed

20:15 “Boredom leads to desire and leads to vices.” - Wes Watson

25:00 Wes’ last day in prison

29:12 Check out Wes on YouTube: GP Penitentiary Life with Wes Watson

34:45 How selfish people get

39:40 “People really do not understand what is on their plate.” - Wes Watson

45:30 Miserable for two hours per day

50:00 Eating measured in macros

51:30 “It’s stimulation, not annihilation.” - Wes Watson

54:20 Bomb: Nobody is going to love you like you love yourself

56:37 Brad’s sacred six

01:03:00 When you live what you say

01:07:20 “Life is about being and becoming.” - Wes Watson

01:12:00 Doing what you want online and not worrying about what others think

01:15:00 Marketing

01:21:00 DO IT.