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Nov 29, 2021

Ben Newman is a highly regarded Performance Coach, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author, whose clients include Fortune 500 companies around the world, business executives, sales organizations and professional athletes in the NFL, PGA, NBA, MLB, UFC and NCAA.Ben serves as a Mental Conditioning Coach for the 18-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team and has worked with players from the last 3 Super Bowl Champion teams.


In this episode, Ben and Brad discuss what it means to have mental toughness, find your burn, and change your mindset to NO LONGER hold you back.


00:00 Intro

02:15 LightSpeed

06:00 Shout out to Ed Mylett

07:20 Patience

13:14 Bomb: Your mindset is what holds you back

16:45 The Burn

20:00 Who has sacrificed for you?

21:30 Bomb: People don’t know how to handle their self-talk

26:44 “If we as leaders are sloppy and lack discipline, who are you to be upset with your team when they are sloppy and not disciplined.” - Ben Newman

29:47 Power versus authority

30:55 Bomb: “If the value of my life depends on the “yes” you get on the phone, you aren’t working hard enough.” - Ben Newman

33:00 Tom Brady

37:00 Perspective

39:00 Standard over feeling

42:41 What you have to do with your self-image first.

45:53 Bomb: “Everyone can figure it out but you gotta choose to figure it out.” - Ben Newman

49:00 I AM statements

51:11 “The best never stops.” - Ben Newman

54:10 “If you’re gonna do something, go ALL IN and do it.” - Ben Newman

59:38 Bomb: “If you’re doing what you don’t tolerate you cannot have an honest conversation that you do not tolerate it, because you do.” - Ben Newman

01:01:16 How to find your burn

01:04:50 Visualization