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Feb 23, 2018

“I was laying in my bed, sure I was about to die.” Two nights ago, Nate Walker thought he was having a stroke. “Wondering if the ambulance would arrive in time was a big wake up call.”


Do you ever struggle with the idea of slowing down? Hustle 24/7—It’s unofficial motto of entrepreneurs everywhere. And, at 33, Nate Walker of LevelUp University is no stranger to the self-made millionaire mindset. “You want to grow, to build stuff,” says Nate.


But there’s a difference between running on the 24/7 hustle hamster wheel and building a sustainable business. One will make you insane and eventually kill you. The other will gift you more freedom and impact than you can ever imagine.


How did Brad build LightSpeed VT without missing a single Daddy-Daughter Dance? Get his insights and tips in Episode 65 of Dropping Bombs!