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Oct 4, 2018

Mike Calhoun is the CEO and Founder at Board of Advisors, a private, closed-door mastermind with a select group of the nation's most disruptive business owners, real estate investors, technology providers, and marketers.


While Mike assembles members from all four corners of the globe to complete powerful meetings each quarter, today he met up with Brad to talk about the importance of carefully cultivating your network, and what happens when a grade-A group is paired with talented leadership.

A few highlights from their chat include:

  • At Board of Advisors, our success is a direct result of focus. A lot of people like to diversify. But we set out to be the top mastermind group on earth. Think of what you want to be, and program yourself. Then your team, then your members. One day, someone decides that phrase you keep saying should be on a pen, mug, or t-shirt. Eventually, that phrase is what you become.
  • Start intertwining yourself with the individuals who can get you where you want to be. You become the mirror of those you surround yourself with.

  • When you’re not sharp, someone else is. Treat every meeting like you’re one introduction away from the person who can help change your life.

  • On the flip side, when you get to a certain level, you need to invest in the people around you. Bring them into the fold. By helping them to improve, you’re leveling up your immediate network in a way that pays off over the long term.

  • Leadership is about integrity. If you say something, you have to do it. You have to follow through. Learning to be a leader will carve against you while you’re doing it -- but it makes you better, stronger, and more successful over time.


The Q4 Board of Advisors Mastermind is October 29th - November 2nd. Quarterly Board of Advisor’s events are only for official members and privileged guests. However, if you think you’d be a good fit, fill out the interview form at and they’ll give you a call!