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Sep 13, 2021

Raised in a trailer park with no clear path to success, kicked out of high school and faced with becoming a father in his teens, Jayson Waller is the definition of a “True Underdog.” The True Underdog podcast is inspired by Jayson’s journey as listeners hear high-profile guests share motivational tips, inspiring stories and business-building lessons to help other potential underdogs pave the way.

In this episode, Brad and Jayson discuss Jayson’s story and how he as the true underdog has won in life. 


00:00 Intro

01:23 Check out The True Underdog Podcast

04:27 The pressure of having it after you have never had it before

07:00 Shout out to Warren Buffet

10:27 Brad’s kids by several women...explained

14:16 Bomb 1: “There is no better feeling than being able to financially take care of your family and your friends and your people.” - Jayson Waller

17:30 Gifts for your children

18:30 Get Jayson’s book! “Own Your Power”


19:38 Bomb 2: You can pick your own map– you’re not held, hostage

25:48 The right people

28:53 “I only want to retain winners.”

33:40 Bomb 3: Cult...ture

35:45 How solar works

37:19 Go to for inquiries

43:00 “Solar still works in the grey.”

48:45 Roof and Solar in one

54:26 The number one thing that got Jayson from a limo to CEO

58:51 Follow Jayson at @jaysonwallerbam