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Jun 13, 2022

Matthew Wyatt "Matt" Rogers is an American television host and country singer. He was also one of the finalists on the third season of the reality/talent-search television series American Idol, he became a television host with series Really Big Things and There Goes the Neighborhood. In 2004, Rogers became the second of the 12 finalists to be voted off of American Idol. Since his appearance on American Idol, Rogers has served as co-host for American Idol Extra and worked as a correspondent on several sports and entertainment shows. Rogers is best known for hosting “Coming Home,” a reality docu-series on Lifetime which followed the surprise reunions of military members and their loved ones, as they returned home from active duty.


In this episode, Matt and Brad discuss everything and anything around the NFL, Country Music and how Matt was a finalist on American Idol, how faith isn’t always in control and Matt’s current career and what he’s up to. This episode will make you think! Tune in!


00:00 Intro

01:00 American Idol

03:45 Bomb: Trying to be something you’re not is going to cost you big time

06:01 The TV show “Coming Home”

09:17 Bomb: “Saving a life beats everything.” - Matt Rogers

09:49 Bomb: “You’re the real deal, that’s why you are the REAL Brad Lea.” - Matt Rogers

14:00 The Personal Brand

14:40 Bomb: “Quit trying to play small so that small people can feel good about themselves.” - Matt Rogers

17:00 Bomb: “Don’t humble yourself.” -Brad Lea

19:00 Bomb: Brad’s exposure of being humble

24:44 The miracles in the bible

25:22 Bomb: “Everyone knows who God is, but not a lot of people experience God and that’s the game changer.” - Matt Rogers

31:00 Bomb: Bomb: “Most Christians believe Jesus created Christianity, but they are wrong.” - Matt Rogers

39:00 When we trigger other people

40:05 Bomb: “People don’t want to see you do bad, they want to see you do good, but they don’t want to see you do better than them.” - Brad Lea

45:25 “Bring Heaven” Apparel

50:04 The “REAL” Brands

53:29 Check out Matt’s podcast, Level Up.

01:01:05 Matt’s sushi places

01:03:17 Bomb: “Lazy Christians or lazy believers is what gets under my blood that think God is in control.” - Matt Rogers

01:08:40 When Brad met Elvis

01:11: 16 Bomb: “Don’t focus on what stops you, focus on what makes you go.” - Brad Lea

01:14:20 Order clothes from Matt at