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Jan 21, 2021

Mikhaila had signs of joint pain by the age of two and when she was seven was diagnosed with extremely severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. At age 8, she was injecting herself with medications at home twice a week, but her health continued to decline, and at age 12 was diagnosed with severe depression. Several attempts but nothing worked until Mikhaila created The Lion Diet. The rest is history.

In this episode, Brad and Mikhaila discuss her diet, her depression, and her Dad, who she manages, Jordan B. Peterson. This episode discusses a myriad of brilliant topics. Listen in and get the value. Check out to learn more about this awesome human.

00:00 Intro

00:48 Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

01:16 Shout-out to Jordan Peterson

03:38 What is Mikhaila doing?

07:15 Research on the diet

12:09 What is ruminant meat?

14:38 Why Ketosis works really well

18:01 What to eat on The Lion Diet

20:26 Mikhaila’s daily eating

22:20 The Peterson escape

24:02 Fear is easier than being brave

24:40 Stupidity over Malevolence

27:30 What does depression feel like?

29:43 First Bomb: Scared and Stupid over dying

32:37 Diet before Pharmaceuticals when depressed

38:18 The power of coincidences

39:21 Shout-out to Jordan Peterson 2.0

41:19 Possible cures for cancer

41:49 One thing Mikhaila likes to tell sick people

42:33 Look for the answers

44:42 Mikhaila’s recommendations on meat

48:12 What are the supplements?

49:59 The movie, Blackwater 

52:50 “The Lion Diet”

54:40 The Frankenstein Cow

56:50 The power of alcohol

59:59 What is college about to Mikhaila and Brad

01:01:40 How can the #bombsquad help Mikhaila

01:06:03 LightSpeed VT