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Sep 23, 2021

Nick studied Engineering Physics at Queen's University in Canada where he excelled in quantum and classical wave mechanics and accumulated debt. To pay the debt, Nick became number one (out of 400) at the door-to-door sales company, Canadian Property Stars in one month. A hired team of door-to-door salespeople and detailers shot Nick’s first business' customer count to 3000 in two years and the rest is history.


In this episode, Brad and Nick discuss the importance of sales, framework, processes and systems, etc. They talk heavy on sales and persuasion and what Nick did to grow his company massively. 


00:00 Intro

04:40 Zero to A Million in 12 months

07:15 Escape Velocity 

10:05 America

12:10 Shout-out to John Maxwell's model

13:41 check out to join Brad’s closing call every Tuesday

15:04 The process starts with prospecting, “A true superstar knows how to prospect.”

20:35 What the growth specialist needs to do…

25:25 Teaching variables that are not static

27:00 Why framework is so important

28:28 Wanna be a growth consultant? Go to

32:35 SALES

34:03 Benefit - Cost = Value

40:44 The benefit of guns

44:01 What is the first order of business that Nick does with clients

48:40 “Achieve escape velocity in the shortest amount of time.” - Nick Kozmin

54:41 Bomb 1: If you want to make millions quickly, focus very hard and buckle down.

58:00 Are you livin?