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Sep 11, 2018

Brad Lea sits down with Brad Martineau in the 99th episode of Dropping Bombs. Martineau is the founder of Sixth Division, an agency laser-focused on helping brands grow and scale with marketing automation. That passion for process comes from Martineau’s 7+ years leading the Product Development team at Infusionsoft.


In today’s Dropping Bombs, Martineau shares some valuable insights to help make sure your team never leaves a lead unfollowed, including:


  • Why tools should never precede strategy. Buying a new tool isn’t a be-all-end-all fix, especially if it doesn’t communicate with your other automations to create a cohesive process. Per Martineau, “If you just do automation for the sake of automation, it’s soul-sucking.”
  • How automation is about the experience—both for your leads and existing clients, as well as your internal team. The experience you deliver is the single greatest leverage point you have to grow and scale your business.
  • Why “journeys” are greater than funnels. Journeys organize your process and create consistency in the way people move through your business so that they have a cohesive experience.
  • How marketing automation can maximize your capacity. By taking care of tasks that consume your staff’s bandwidth, you can create a better experience for a greater number of people without needing to hire a small army.
  • Why it’s important to treat every sales conversion like an event. Did someone schedule a demo or consultation call? Prepare leads to get the most out of your time together and you’ll add value to the experience.


If you want to make sure no single lead goes to waste, Brad Martineau has created a special offer specifically for the Bomb Squad! Just head to and schedule your free audit. The automation experts at Sixth Division will help you optimize your process and create a game plan FOR FREE—just click the link above.