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May 23, 2022

Pace Morby is the co-founder of Subto, a real estate education program and community focused on creative financing strategies that provides training and mentorship to real estate investors across America. Surround yourself with a community of active, high-level investors. When you join the subto community, you immediately gain access to sharing deals with some of the top producers in the country.


In this part two episode, Pace and Brad discuss how to make deals happen and how to make real money in real estate ASAP.


00:00 Intro

01:00 The deal that DM’d Brad that is now generating money

02:00 Triple Digit Flip on A&E

04:45 Three ways to make money in real estate

08:00 Have equity in your house and getting foreclosed on? DM Brad immediately

09:00 “My passion is creative finance because I can solve problems others cannot solve.” - Pace Morby

13:30 How to calculate depreciation (Cost Segregation)

18:20 DM Pace @pacemorby when you don’t have any equity and you do not want your property anymore

22:40 Seller financing

24:40 Get Pace to talk to the seller in this situation

27:39 Attempt at live deal

30:25 Bring the foreclosure deals to @therealbradlea on DM 

32:51 A word to the “skeptics”

36:20 This is what YOU'RE looking for if you want to work with Pace and Brad

38:35 Bomb: Most people stop after the second time, people only want to do business with people who are legit and follow up and if you don’t it’s not worth it for you to get that house.