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Jun 21, 2021

Sam runs the Growth Mindset Podcast and the Wiser Than Yesterday podcast and Sam is a huge advocate of mindsets and self-improvement. Sam has lived quite the life only being 30 and talks about all of his adventures in this episode with a focus on the importance of taking risks. Sam is currently the founder of Syncify, a social podcasting app where users can listen live together or catch up with their friends on the same content. 


In this episode, Brad and Sam discuss all of Sam’s adventures, recommendations for good mindset practices, and of course podcasting!


00:00 Intro

02:42 Check out Sam’s stand up comedian routine

03:27 How Sam grew up

05:37 “Your life is like a story, and you get to be the writer of that story.” - Sam Harris

09:41 The benefits of taking risks

11:08 Look up @samjamharris on IG and look up syncify

13:02 check out both of Sam’s podcasts: Growth Mindset and Wiser Than Yesterday

13:52 Syncify explained

17:28 How Sam almost died three times

22:05 Do something for 10 mins every day that you want to get good at

23:35 Other mindset hacks

30:00 Angel Investing

31:45 Bomb 1: If you pay attention, and you’re a good person, you take risks, and you are consistent then success is inevitable

35:05 Bomb 2: Don’t sweat the small stuff

40:00 Sam’s TedX talk

44:41 Brad’s Million Dollar Morning

50:00 Sam’s podcasts and his favorite episodes

52:53 Success isn’t linear

56:05 Get out of the box and push yourself