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Dec 20, 2023

Philanthropic Entrepreneur who gives away 8 figures or more a year. CEO + Founder of 3 tech companies including the highest-rated digital marketing company in the world. We've used Lightspeed VT since 2019. One of the top professional gamblers in the world. Opening up a high-end dog exclusive pet stores called Aspen's, named after my 3 legged dog Aspen. I do good for animals and all the people around me, making their lives exponentially better. My 4.5 million-dollar Lamborghini Yacht just arrived from Italy last week, it's the 2nd one in the county and the 1st one to be custom spec'd by the owner. 


In this episode, Brad and Ace discuss how he uses his adventurous lifestyle to build his business sustainably. Ace explains what it means to win at winning.



  • You can only find the card rulebook in one place, why is that?

  • There are a lot of great doctors, but not a lot are good business owners.

  • “In due time.”

  • “I’m only in competition with myself and I’m losing”


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