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Dec 27, 2023

Alex Neist, the man behind Hostage Tape. This ecommerce marvel is radically improving sleep quality, one mouth at a time. Alex has already skyrocketed Hostage Tape to 7 figures a month and will crush 8 figures in 2023. But don't mistake Alex for a one-trick pony. This isn't his first entrepreneurial endeavor. He previously devoted 16 years to a sports video analytics company, bootstrapping it from scratch before making a graceful exit. During his tenure, he pioneered the use of humans to tag games, making them easily searchable for coaches and athletes - kind of like a human Google, but for sports. Before his business feats, Alex sported the helmet and shoulder pads, gracing the field as a professional quarterback in the Arenafootball league. When he wasn't calling plays on the field, he was coaching them, with a coaching career spanning over 15 years. Whether it's strategizing in business, on the football field, or in the realm of sleep, Alex Neist loves traveling the world looking for his next adventure with his wife and 2 kids.


In this episode, Brad and Alex discuss his brand and the personal events in his life that motivated him to create this company.



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