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Feb 11, 2021

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Brian is a cardiac surgeon dedicated to the compassionate delivery of the most advanced heart care. As a recognized authority on surgical therapies for advanced heart failure,  Brian is also very passionate about clinical innovation, research, and education, having published nearly 80 articles in peer reviewed journals, numerous book chapters, and also presented at several national and international conferences. Check out Dr. Lima by going to his website,


00:00 Intro

01:27 How did Dr. Lima pick the HEART

02:02 Follow Dr. Lima!

04:05 Who is lucky to get a new heart

07:21 How much schooling has to occur for this

07:58 Dr. Lima’s Book Heart to Beat is out and ready for your purchase on amazon

10:23 What can you do to maintain a healthy heart?

15:06 The mindset of a surgeon during the operation

16:21 Bomb One: We must address heart failure

22:00 The money in the work

29:11 Bomb Two: There’s a price to getting to where you want to in life if it’s worthwhile

31:35 Bomb Three: Don’t overthink it, trust the process and take the shot.

34:24 The trials and tribulations of starting a practice

34:36 Bomb Four: Always be closing

38:20 The story of the heart

43:00 Is there such a thing as a “broken heart?”

46:14 The stereotype of the surgeon

46:44 Bomb Five: Blaming others for your failure is the way to keep failing

48:56 Advice to other heart surgeons

49:46 Bomb Six: Be likable and respectful; people want to wanna work with you

53:16 Attention #BOMBSQUAD -- pay attention!

55:00 What chest pain feels like

01:01:15 Everything in moderation

01:08:27 Focus on what you can control