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Dec 22, 2022

In this episode, Brad and Gary, a true business entrepreneur, dive into the digital world and discuss how it is affecting every aspect of everyday life, with a specific emphasis on business and security.

00:00 Intro

00:54 Brad introduces Gary Cardone and highlights his experience in being a business entrepreneur and starting/buying companies such as Chargeback911 as well as a twin to Billionaire, Grant Cardone.

05:58 Gary explains how his company, Charback911, helps and protects business owners and institutions participating in E-commerce sales.

09:15 Cardone shares his insights on how COVID-19 affected business and financial transactions for the foreseeable future and what that means for banks.

13:47 Brad and Gary discuss how the world is transitioning to digital and how security will heighten; everything leaves a trail.

19:33 Brad tells his own experience with e-commerce, specifically bitcoin.

23:52 Gary and Brad touch on the risk of attempting to evade taxes while conducting business: Not worth it, spend the extra time and money to do it the right way with a fantastic accountant.

27:44 Cardone thinks bitcoin and other e-commerce platforms have given the US an immense amount of power, and he thinks it has allowed our nation to become a leader. 

32:55 Brad expresses his fear of banks as financial institutions and how they control almost all of someone's personal finances.

37:45 Mr. Cardone and Brad chat about the control the government tries to hold on people's finances and their financial decisions.

42:49 Gary tells the story of Walmarts almost fall from grace in competition with amazon and what saved them.

48:15 Gary gives his advice about buying crypto and what will make it worth it financially and how to educate yourself about the industry.

52:42 Brad enlightens listeners about his experience with crypto and its security measures.

57:19 Cardone talks about credit card companies and their M.O. for their rates and fees, or their lack thereof.

1:03:42 Gary shares his opinion about the future of our currency as a nation and how its structure of it will have to adjust to the development of cryptocurrency.

1:07:18 Lea and Cardone talk about politics, including the current events in Russia and America's lack of initiative to fully understand situations before forming opinions.

1:10:06 Gary talks inflation and how it's affecting his business and his companies.

1:13:18 Cardone emphasizes how the digital universe is affecting our real world: connecting people on a different level.