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Sep 17, 2020

Jimmy Rex is one of the most extraordinary people that you will ever meet because he chooses to truly live his life and not let one moment go to waste. Jimmy is currently an active real estate agent based out of Utah. He has found success in the real estate industry starting at a young age to now selling over 2,000 homes by the time he turned 37.

 Jimmy is also one of the most sought out coaches in the real estate industry. His course, 100K Agent Blueprint, is focused on helping Agents build their business with the help of learning new processes and techniques like social media.

 Because of his massive success in the real estate world, Jimmy is now becoming a very popular speaker. Weekly, Jimmy will speak in front of hundreds of realtors teaching them how to truly optimize their business using popular social media platforms. He also has his own Podcast, The Jimmy Rex Show that shows extraordinary people living extraordinary lives. That show is constantly on the top charts for multiple platforms.

 If Jimmy isn't selling homes, throwing unforgettable parties, speaking, or sinking his houseboat then you are sure to find him in some exotic country seeing what all the world has to offer. Jimmy spends over 6 months of every year traveling the world to see beautiful sites or the most exciting sporting events.

 Jimmy Rex also truly makes a difference throughout the world daily. Jimmy is an undercover operative for OUR and makes numerous dangerous trips to third world countries to save young children and teenagers be freed from sex traffickers. Anyone that knows Jimmy, knows that he truly cares about bettering the world in every situation.

In this episode, Jimmy explains how to be the HERO of your own story and in this case he did this by gaining 6 figures in 6 months with the control of his own life and by following his own blueprint. 

Moral of the story: Take control, and open your life up.